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Announce 6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference

High Profile Academics to Speak at Global Gathering to Tackle Plagiarism

OAKLAND, Calif. (Sep. 18, 2013) -- Turnitin, the leader in originality checking and online grading, and PlagiarismAdvice.org, an international plagiarism advisory service, today announced that the 6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference (6IIPC) will take place next summer at the Sage Gateshead in the U.K.

The biennial event, organized by PlagiarismAdvice.org, brings together experts from across the globe to discuss best practice, policy and perceptions around plagiarism. Next year’s conference, to be held from June 16th to 18th, will showcase groundbreaking research around the theme of “promoting authentic assessment.”

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Keynote speakers will include Dan Ariely—Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, Tricia Bertram Gallant—Academic Integrity Coordinator at the University of California, Adrian Slater—solicitor and Head of Legal Services at the University of Leeds and Will Murray—Senior Vice President of Product and International at Turnitin.

Plagiarism is a growing and global issue that stems beyond academia and publishing. Allegations of plagiarism—by celebrities, politicians and musicians as well as academics and publishing—are surfacing regularly.

“They illustrate that plagiarism is a metaphorical time bomb; that integrity matters, even years after the incident, and the education sector can learn from these cases,” said Gill Rowell, Academic Advisor and Chair of the conference’s editorial board. “Our keynote speakers are all highly respected figures in the global academic community who will bring a wealth of experience to addressing these challenges.”

The 6IIPC will seek to promote the importance of academic integrity and reinforce the relevance of academic skills in the real world, where these values should be rewarded and applauded. In Germany, Romania and Taiwan, recent plagiarism allegations have prompted the resignations of senior government ministers.

When does uncredited influence become plagiarism? This is a question which is affecting many industries and sectors—for example in the entertainment industry, singer Katy Perry was accused of plagiarizing her latest single, South Korean actress Kim Hye-Soo apologized for copying a large part of her master’s thesis, and Yoko Ono is being sued for allegedly copying a fashion range.

“While recognition of the problem is a step in the right direction, we need to do more to address integrity proactively,” adds Rowell.

The 2012 conference featured 50 presentations and attracted more than 200 delegates including lecturers, teachers and researchers, from 31 countries.

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