Turnitin Announces “Grade Anything” Features for
Evaluating All Types of Student Work

New functionality allows educators to provide feedback on
presentations, performances, mathematical formulas and more

OAKLAND, Calif. (Mar 5, 2014) -- Turnitin, the leader in originality checking and online grading, today announced new functionality that allows instructors across the curriculum to check student submissions for originality and provide rich, meaningful feedback on virtually any type of assignment. Students and instructors using Turnitin can now submit any file type-or no file at all-to allow instructors to literally Grade AnythingTM.

Turnitin was first introduced to one District school in 2007. As Turnitin broadened its instructor grading functionality and more students became familiar with originality checking through their participation in the District’s dual enrollment program with community colleges, District officials decided the time was right to expand the license for use by all students and faculty.

The groundbreaking functionality appeals to instructors across the curriculum who increasingly are assigning student projects beyond the traditional written paper, such as presentations, spreadsheets, visual designs and calculations. In addition, instructors who need to evaluate student work that does not require a file submission, such as a live dance performance or musical recital, can use Turnitin’s new grading template to provide timely and meaningful feedback to students.

View a series of videos showcasing how instructors customize the new Grade Anything and grading template features.

"Grade Anything will be an instrumental teaching tool for me," says Rebecca Hewett, lecturer at Cal State University, Bakersfield. "For example, in one assignment, my students create public service announcements in a poster format. It is incredibly helpful to upload the posters to Turnitin so I can give them quick, specific, high-quality feedback."

"In the last five years, Turnitin has moved from being used primarily as a plagiarism prevention service to one that is an integral part of the submission, feedback and grading process," says Chris Caren, chairman and CEO of Turnitin. "Turnitin's 'Grade Anything' features extend the capabilities of our online grading platform to help instructors manage any type of assignment in any subject area."

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