Turnitin Launches Interactive Website that Rates Student Research Sources

Educators use Turnitin’s SEER rubric to grade most popular website sources in students’ written work

OAKLAND, Calif. (Apr. 22, 2013) -- Turnitin, the leader in originality checking and online grading, today announced a new interactive website, “Ratings for Top Student Sources” that ranks the most popular online sources found in student papers using the Source Evaluation Education Rubric (SEER) developed by Turnitin.

Turnitin partnered with a team of educators who scored the online sources most frequently used by secondary and higher education students in six categories: academic, social media, paper mills, encyclopedias, news/portals, and shopping sites. The educators used SEER to rate 197 sources on the level of their authority, educational value, intent, originality, and quality. Visitors to the interactive site can set their viewing preferences using combinations of these attributes.

The launch of “Ratings for Top Student Sources” corresponds with the first day of Plagiarism Education Week at Turnitin. The interactive site can be found at: http://www.turnitin.com/assets/en_us/media/seer/he/all.php

“As we look at plagiarism more closely this week, it’s important we examine the sources students most frequently use in their papers,” said Jason Chu, senior education manager at Turnitin. “Showing how educators rank these sources gives instructors yet another tool to teach students better information literacy and research techniques.”

The list of student sources were culled from annual Turnitin studies that examined the sources in 156 million content matches found in 37 million secondary and higher education student papers submitted to Turnitin between July 2011 and June 2012.