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Learning technologies should not limit, but enhance learning for everyone. Feedback Studio was built with accessibility in mind. We’ve partnered with accessibility experts to ensure student views are fully WCAG AA compliant and accessible via screenreaders and keyboard control.

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Why Feedback Studio?

Original Insights

Reveal content matches in student writing. Help students take ownership of their work and practice proper citation.

Feedback First

Feedback only matters if your students engage with it. Reach your students with voice and text comments on specific phrases or entire assignments.

Feedback Fast

Save time with custom or pre-defined drag-and-drop sets of customisable comments. Share reusable comment libraries across your institution.

Accelerate Assessment

Grade objectively and consistently with standards-aligned rubrics and show students how specific parts of their work affect their grade.

Peer Review without Pressure

Encourage discussion and reflection among students. Automatically distribute work and collect student feedback anonymously.

Student View

Students see source matches and instructor feedback directly on their work, or in a conveniently formatted downloadable report.

Go Mobile

Give the same rich feedback on the go. Turnitin Feedback Studio is also available on mobile, so feedback can be given at times and in places convenient to you.

NEW - Multiple Markers*

Using unique identifiable marking layers.

*Only through Integrations

Data at Scale to Support Feedback

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Indexed Web Pages: 62 Billion

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Student Papers: 734 Million

Academic documents from books & publications: 165 million


Download one of our white papers to learn more about 'Academic integrity in a digital world'

Ensure Originality and Integrity

10 Types of Unoriginal Work.

Favourite Feedback Fact and Fiction

Infographic exploring some common misconceptions about feedback, taken from a study of over 2,000 students and educators.

Closing the Gap

This recent survey of 1,000 students addresses the areas and types of feedback students receive and prefer, as well as the timeliness of that feedback.